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About: hi, its zid, from kerala, India. i love the world of DIY-ers.. mostly work with electronics but recently i started using wood for my projects, for casing/housing mostly and I'm inlove ...

It is a battery operated wooden LED lamp that is rechargeable and rotatable to different directions.

Step 1: Features

• Rechargeable

• Rotatable to different directions ( Rotation limited to front and right, then fold)

• 2 Modes switching(Bright and dim)

• Bright mode gives maximum lighting while dim mode gives half lighting, so it can be used as night lamp too

• Using cell phone battery to make it small..1000 mAh

• Works around 3 hrs on bright mode, and around 5 - 8 hrs on dim mode

• Can be connected on the charger and use as many hrs as you want

Step 2: Things You Need

1 W Led x 3

Resistor 1 - 100 ohm

Resistor 2 - 1k

Resistor 3 - 10 k, for dimming

battery - a 3.7 Volt cellphone battery i used. you can use any 3.7 to 6V battery you want, above 6V, circuit modification is needed

Red LED x 1 (charge indicator)

Transistor - S8050 (Led Driver)

Charging Socket - 1

Switches x 2 (1 double pole)

wires - use less thick, but enough strong wires,to save space

nuts and bolts

metal piece - for rotation system

Wood and tools

Step 3: The Making

the switches in this project used no screws but a sliding system to attach switch on wood, a piece of metal used for sliding for 1 switch and charger slot, other switch (dim and bright ) is mounted on

• Measure and Cut wood, make space for the battery to fit in, and for switches to slide in, drill a hole for rotation system

• Do wiring, solder components as described in circuit

• Glue LEDs on aluminum panel, it works as heat sink

• Make the rotation system, as you see in photos

• Glue a piece of wood to limit rotation, or the led panel connection will cut off because over rotation

i hope everything else is self explaining from the pictures. but if needs more explanation, i will reply on comments

Step 4: Finished Project

Step 5: Dimmer Circuit

After switch 1, integrate this into circuit



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    Reply 3 years ago

    the dimmer circuit is posted, post updated now


    3 years ago

    Wood is a classic building medium used to beautiful effect with the right species, I think you're on to something here when combining it with your electronic projects, keep at it. ☺

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    That's what she said... but seriously, nice work. Interesting project


    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you, but she who. .haha