Wooden Bird Lounge

The Wooden Bird Lounge is a fun and safe way to protect roaming birds from harm. It is carefully designed to withstand outdoor weather temperatures and built durably. The Wooden Bird Lounge has two different levels to it, there is a bottom level that is closed up and has one opening in order to keep the bird warm from the cold or simply to have its own privacy. The second level was constructed for the bird to "hang out" in and enjoy the climate outside under a roof. We used a total of 22 screws and that made this bird house very stable. The bottom base of the project is 9x9 and 4 inches high. The roof slabs are 8.5 inches long each. We then added one 3" perch to the outside and one 7" perch to the inside.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

We cut all the wood first in order to save time. The tools we used were a bandsaw and scrollsaw.

Step 2: Wood Assembly

We are assembling the wooden pieces together to make the finished bird lodge.

Step 3: Connecting the Pieces

We are drilling in the final pieces together

Step 4: Bird Perch

This was put in because it reminds the birds of branches.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    It would be useful if you could add the dimensions of the parts.