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This week we're doing some amazing Wooden Blinds with our new Trotec MDF Wood line. These blinds are inspired by Arabic patterns that you may find in Andalusia or North Africa. We've done them using our SP500 laser cutting machine. A wonderful application for any blinds and window companies as well as any interior decorator!

Step 1: Download the Artwork File

You can download the artwork in CorelDraw, PDF or Illustrator. We split each section of the window separately to fit in the 24"x48" SP 500 laser. The entire window dimension is 45" x 63" window, however you can modify the artwork to fit to your window.

Step 2: Cut the MDF

We cut our 1/8" thick MDF wood using our 200w SP 500 laser with a cutting power of 100, and a speed of 1.4. We use the 2.5" Clearance lens which gives us more space, between the laser head and the MDF, to work with. This way if small cut pieces fly out it won't interfere with the laser cutting process.

Step 3: Screwing in the Top Hooks

Our window frame is made out of wood, we simply drill through the top in 4 locations based on the holes in our MDF artwork and screw in hanging hooks.

Step 4: Placing the Top Panels

We simply hang the top left and top right panel onto the hanging hooks.

Step 5: Adding the Middle Frame

We hang the middle frame by placing S hooks into the 4 middle sections of our top frames, and then hanging the middle frame from them.

Step 6: Hanging the Bottom

We hang the two bottom frames from the top and middle frames using S hooks and we're done!

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    2 years ago

    Very interesting. We have a large bed LASER engraver and easily could make such things. Might have to think about this now. Thumbs Up!

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