Wooden Bluetooth Headset With Media/play Back Keys

About: hi, its zid, from kerala, India. i love the world of DIY-ers.. mostly work with electronics but recently i started using wood for my projects, for casing/housing mostly and I'm inlove ...

Not too long ago i bought a Bluetooth headset that is worn around the neck. and it had 6 keys for

• Next music track

• Previous music track

• Pause/play

• Volume up

• Volume down

• Call key/camera selfie key

and in a few days, the ear buds (the small speaker that you insert to the ears) were broken and so i didn't want buy a new one. instead i chose t redesign it with our beautiful mighty wood! and here's the result. as it became bigger, i also added a high capacity battery, the old one was only 150 mAh, the new one is a massive 1000mAh and it gives me around 2 weeks continuous play back after a full recharge.which is awesome.

the old earphone was not removable from the neck round, it was permanently attached. so my goals were as follows:

• add a 3.5 mm headphone socket so universal earphones supported

• add a high capacity battery

• design it in wood and make the buttons easy to operate.

and here's the result, of course it's not as convenient as the old one which was worn around the neck and was easy to use while walking and workout, but it had flaws, serious flaws like just 1 hour battery time and cheap plastic, the earbuds didn't sound good and was not replaceable plus the keys were hard to press. so here's what i have done.

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Step 1: The Circuit

this is the circuit and it's slightly curved for fit in the neckband so i really had a hard time to build switched for that out of the wood!

Step 2: Aftermath

you can see the old and new designs here.

round buttons looked bad so i upgraded to square buttons and my non existent home-brand name is carved on the project. LOL.

that's it. just glued everything after placed the two circuit inside and added switches then batter and soldered all connections. that's it.

now listen music convenient and wireless while you workout or work, from any Bluetooth wireless audio transmission devices, the distance is upto 10 meters in open area.

this device output also can be connected to your home audio amplifier/music player so you could transmit your phone's songs to the device > amplifier.

which would be very convenient, that was one of the reasons i designed this guy. and it's true stereo, transmits both left and righ channels with high quality audio.

Thank you for reading

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