Wooden Boba Fett Necklace/ Keychain



So I was looking online for a Boba Fett necklace for my cousin because she loves Star Wars, but I had couldn't find what I wanted, so I decided to make my own. First I chose the wood I needed that matched the colors of Boba Fett's helmet. I decided on pine and rosewood, because they are the closest in color to the actual helmet. I used ebony as the base outline then glued the pine and rosewood in the shapes i needed after cutting them with the scroll saw. I sanded it all together then polished it up and covered it in olive oil. In order to be able to put it on a chain, I took a link from an old brass chain and screwed it to the back of the helmet. Questions and comments are both highly appreciated as this is only my second instructable. Thank you, and good luck!




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