Wooden Bottle Cage




Introduction: Wooden Bottle Cage

So, this is a really simple, but very nice way to make a bottle cage yourself.

The tools and material I used are:

-a scroll saw

- a dremel

- sandpaper

- 4mm plywood (I would recommend a thicker one)

- woodglue

- some water resistant clear paint

Step 1: Preparing

I began with measuring my bottle that should fit in the cage. Because I don't like planning a lot, I designed the parts directly on the plywood. I don't have any exact lengths, I did it completely free.

Step 2: Cutting the Parts and Gluing Them Together

Then I used the scoll saw to cut the parts. If the edges aren't perfectly straight, you can correct it later with sandpaper. When gluing the parts together, I also made some little parts for the edges as you can see in the pictures to make it more stable.

Step 3: Almost Finished

The next step is to make the edges smooth, using sandpaper and the dremel. And of course don't forget to make two holes in the backside (you can measure the distance from your bike).

Step 4: Finish It!

To get it weatherproof you will need some clear paint to protect the wood. That's it, you can now attach it to your bike.

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    4 years ago

    Very cool and simple project! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!