Wooden Boxes & Crates for Shelving




Introduction: Wooden Boxes & Crates for Shelving

Using wooden boxes and crates is a great and simple way to create much needed shelving. While it's one of a kind it's also cheap! Very versatile and yet so concrete once set up. Did i mention easy! Minimal tools and know how needed. In moments you can have great affordable shelving for a visual feast for guest and yourself.

Heres a list of things you may or do need

Boxes & Crates

Shims(unlevel floors)

Screws and nails(if hanging)

Drill and hammer( for repair and hanging)

Step 1: Find & Clean

Wooden Boxes and crates are cheap and readily availble. You can find them at flea markets antique shows garage sales and sometimes local stores. These are a few i found in a barn.

First things first CLEAN them! And then clean them again. If needed make repairs. Then sand paint varnish or whatever to your fancy.

Step 2: Decisions Decisions....

Figure out where and how you want to place your boxes and crates.

If you stack them make sure your on level ground and obey the rules of gravity and physics(stack safely). Also screwing backs into a stud can give much needed support and balance.

If you want to hang them. Find a stud or two. Take the fastner of your choice and fasten box into studs. I used 2 in drywall screw and fastened into the back of the crate(as you can see in the picture behind the troll) Hang responsibly. Mine is more than likely temporary.

Step 3: Place Your Goods.

Another step of strategic thinking. Grab your knick knacks your patty wacks give the dog a bone and make your house a unique home. Place your preciouses on your newly found shelf. Play with placement until satisfied with your collectables presentation.

Deeeeccoorraattiiioon time come on. Its time to decorate YAh.

Step 4: Enjoy

Stand back enjoy your shelving and all the wonders it holds. Youve officially created cheap eco friendly unique and visually appealing shelving. Give your self a pat on the back or just wait for others to gawk and comment. Thank you for reading my instructable.

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    3 years ago

    Yes they are. And thank you.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I really like this kind of design. Boxes and crates are easy to find cheap and they give a nice rustic feel to the room.