Wooden Car LED Wall Light



I made this wall lamp to replace a contemporary glass light with some LED lamp to go with my sons room (he is 3 years old). We use it as bedtime reading lamp. Its made of recycled pallete plywood (11mm thick), aproximately 1m of RGB LED an a brick 12V AC/DC converter that I had in my wonder box.

Step 1: Cutting Wood

First I took a cup or a bowl and draw a circle for car's tires, draw a car and using a jigsaw cut the silhouette of a car. You could shape a piece of wood in any shape you want, a cloud shape would be better for a girls room. I also cut 3-5 cm smaller silhouette to mount the LED, as shown kn fourth picture. Then I used 5mm wood drill and drilled holes in the center of tires, to use them as fixing points for the lamp.

Step 2: Decorating

Using an exacto knife cut a V shape slot around tires, under car windows or elsewhere, as you wish. Using a soldering iron burn it so it turns dark brown. If you happen to have a stronger soldering iron you could skip the cutting part (mine is just 30W).

Step 3: Electrical Part

Using a soldering iron and some wires connect +12V wire and +12V terminal of LED strip and the black "-" wire to "-" terminal of LED strip. Since I used RGB LED strip, I just soldered all three terminals to "-". I then hid the brick in the switch terminal (that's why i had to remove its plastic housing) connected it over a houshold switch with some chocolate clamps so it's all hidden. I am thinking of buying 3 small switches and installing them where the power outlet is now, so I could switch separate color on and off.

Hope you like it!



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