Wooden Card Multi Support

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These wooden card useful for multi purpose. They are:

  1. Earphone holder
  2. Pen stand
  3. Sunglasses holder
  4. Magnet
  5. Button battery holder
  6. Bluetooth
  7. Keys holder
  8. Eco plants decoration
  9. Ball Bearings holder
  10. These wooden cards hole can be use to test on solar eclipses occur.

Anyone can use as per there style of using these wooden card.

Wooden Card Benefits For Travel

  1. No Metal
  2. No Sharp Edges
  3. No Knifes

Totally useful for safe journey.

Step 1: Make a Hole

Make a hole with drill machine.

Step 2: Earphones

These wooden card is useful for carrying earphones.

Step 3: Emergency Pen Stand

Emergency pen stand is smart use in working time.

Step 4: Sunglasses and Pen Stand

Multi wooden card support for sunglasses and pen stand.

Step 5: Button Battery

Here some another useful that is anyone can carry one or two button battery with the use of button battery holder in wooden card.

Step 6: Ball Bearings

In these image you will find ball bearings holder.

Step 7: Multi Use Wooden Card

Multi use wooden card, It can useful for multiple stuff.

Step 8: Carry With You

Anyone can carry with there bags.

Step 9: Key Chain

Wooden card useful for multiple key chain holder.

Step 10: Wooden Card Shadow

The wooden card shadow is useful to find half moon shape in the time of solar eclipse occur.

Step 11: Wooden Card - Eco System

Wooden cards is safe to use for ECO System, Put your favorite plants in the holes of wooden cards for ECO friendly environment.



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    Mini onion

    10 months ago

    cool project and i like the thought behind it