Wooden Ceiling Lamp



About: We are Necdet and Gizem. Necdet is an industrial product designer. Gizem is a fashion designer. And other members of family are 6 cats. We love all kind of animal. We only hate animal products.

Hello everyone,

We made a ceiling light to have dusky light at living room

These lamps are totally wooden..


Step 1: Materials


-Quick glue

-Lamp socket for hanging ceiling

Step 2: Cutting Plywood

Cut the plywood with saw or laser cut. Technics file are added.

Step 3: Building Body Structure

Step 4: Marking the Covers

Before you start to glue them, you need to mark to attach right place.

Step 5: Attaching Top Covers

Step 6: Attaching Middle Covers

Step 7: Attaching Bottom Covers

Step 8: Combine Hanging Lamp Socket

If you want, you can polish it for long living.

Hope you like.

Happy Making!



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