Wooden Charging Chair

Introduction: Wooden Charging Chair

I had a few spare parts left after building a model boat and then decided to make a small charging dock for my phone. This dock is inspired by my living room chair :). This is a very easy build, the materials and equipment are mostly household items.

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Step 1: Design/ Materials

You will need:
Strong glue
Xacto knife
Spare thin wood

Step 2: Measuring

Unfortunately I'm unable to take a picture of my phone, as I'm writing this on it. The best way to make measurements is to decide how much of the phone should be covered by your chair. My phone (nexus 5) is slim, so I've chosen a 30mm thickness. The charger is tricky, it requires 30mm to bend and charge (photo 2). That's why I've made the height of the base 50mm.

The pics should do a better job of explaining.

Step 3: Cutting

I used a simple hobby knife to cut the planks. A light pressure and a rocking motion ensure that the plank won't snap or fly away.

Step 4: Gluing

Unfortunately some photos are missing, however the process is not hard. Simply glue each individual plank together (photo 1) to reach the desired height. Then just use more glue to connect each glued segment.

Photo 2 shows 4 struts that hold the phone in place to allow the charger to work.

Photo 3 shows an approx. 30mm extension to the base to prevent the dock from tipping over.

Photo 4 shows the actual back support for the phone. It's positioned at an angle (Photo 5) for max support. Held on with glue

Step 5: Finishing Up

Let the glue dry, and it should be good. Few more pics in case the last step was a bit confusing.

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    Danang JKT
    Danang JKT

    5 years ago

    Wow!!! You are a genius man! Keep going ?