Wooden Cheese Board

Introduction: Wooden Cheese Board

I cut out 10 pieces, about 18 inches long of oak, maple and walnut pieces.  I glued them together with Elmer's Carpenter Wood Glue, clamped with 5 camps and left to dry for several days. Next, I used a planer to make the wood even and remove the excess glue that had dried on top of the wood. Then I sanded it a bit so it would be smooth for tracing on the pattern of the board/handle.  I cut it out with a jig saw and then sanded the edges with an electric sander.  After the first sanding, I put water all over it to raise the grain and then sanded it again the next day when dry.  I raised the grain twice and sanded it one last time before staining it with mineral oil.  Since the goal is to serve delicious food from, like cheese and crackers, it cannot be any kind of toxic oil.  Several coats of mineral oil over a couple of days and it was ready to go!

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