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Introduction: Wooden Christmas Ornaments

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My friends and I love wood burning. A couple times a year we will get together and wood burn some stuff. In the past I have bought a little package of log slices to wood burn but I decided to try my hand at cutting my own log. I made these as an experiment to see how well my log pieces would turn out. Now that I know they work well i will bring a batch to the next wood burning get together.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

1. Saw

2. Log (mine was a cut off branch we normally use for firewood)

3. Wood burning tool

4. Drill

5. Paint (optional)

Step 2: Cutting Your Wood

I decided to use a table to cut my slices. They were roughly 1/2" each in width. If you didnt want to use a wood with a natural edge like this could buy a dowel rod and cut that up to use as well. A miter saw would work best to cut these pieces out.

Step 3: Designing & Burning

I quickly sketched out a couple ideas on these pieces. I made a snowman, a nativity scene, and a wise man one. The wise man one came out really bad I think I made him to small to wood burn so he just looks like a blob. He didnt make it to our Christmas tree.

Wood burning is pretty easy but when using one make sure you are following directions completely. My friends and I have gone a few of them because we didnt use them properly and they broke.

Step 4: Painting (Optional)

I used acrylic craft paint to paint the ornaments but overall I think I should have just painted the snowman and thats it. Wood burning looks pretty cool as is on natural wood.

Step 5: Drilling

Drill a small hole in the top of each one to add ribbon or something to hang on the tree.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Ornaments

Overall, I had a lot of fun making these. You could batch these out and sell them or give them away as christmas gifts. The possibilities are endless.

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