Wooden Crate Light

Introduction: Wooden Crate Light

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Our Wooden Crate Light project provides super quick and easy mood lighting. Mounts on a french cleat and is modular for vertical or horizontal repetition.

Two cuts, two screws, and a few brad nails is all it takes.

Step 1: Parts / Tools / Hardware Needed

Parts: a standard light kit, a French Cleat kit, and a square crate (available at Home Depot).

Tools: you will need a brad nailer, screw driver, and saw. We recommend Ryobi’s cordless one+ nail gun, drill, and meiter saw.

Hardware: 2 1/2" nails, 1 1/2" wood screws

Step 2: Putting the Crate Together

1) Drill hole into the corner of solid side of the crate

2) Cut 2, 8 3/4 sections of the French Cleat

3) Mount Bulb Socket in the hole with socket facing the inside of the crate

4) Install light bulb

Step 3: Mounting Your Crate Light

5) Insert cleat into crate as shown and nail from the back.

6) Screw 2nd french cleat section to a wall or vertical surface as shown

7) Lift crate over and place it onto mounted cleat

Step 4: Let There Be Light..

Enjoy Your Creation!

Step 5:

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