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Create a wooden cube lamp out of stacked pieces of wood.

Step 1: Create Your Wooden Pieces

You'll need a lot of identical pieces of wood to create this lamp. Check the dimensions and amounts in the above image.

In addition to the wood, you'll need:
- A light bulb or two (it's up to you how many sockets to put in)
- A socket like this one
- Translucent plastic sheets to diffuse the light
- Glue of choice (wood glue if you have time, hot glue if not)

Check out the above schematics to see the various layers. In the next steps, I'll show how to build up the lamp.

Step 2: Place the First Vertical Layer

Take the long pieces and lay them out carefully. The spaces in between the wood are the same space as the wood itself, so I used the future pieces to lay out 13 pieces, well-aligned, and then removed every other one.

Step 3: Place the First Horizontal Layer

Use the same process to place the first horizontal layer and remove the alternate pieces.

Step 4: Creating a Hollow Center

The hollow center is what allows for the lightbulbs to sit inside the lamp. This is created by shorter pieces (shorter and shortest), again, carefully aligned to the outside edge. As you go, you'll be able to add the four standing supports which will eventually be the registration points for the lamp.

See the layer guide to determine the layout of each layer. You'll duplicate each layer type several times as you build up the 13 layers.

Step 5: Installing Lightbulbs

The hollow areas will allow installation of one or two lightbulb sockets. Be careful to choose a lightbulb with a low enough wattage to not melt the plastic sheets.

Step 6: Create the Lid

The lid is the top 3 layers of the original lamp, layers 1 and 2 repeated. The lamp should sit in the wooden pins you've used to register the lower layers.

Step 7: Plug in Your Lamp and Enjoy

It's a neat, casual lamp with many possibilities to create your own customizations.

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4 years ago on Introduction

Looks really cool and seems easy to make. Great light for outdoors if you toss some stain on it and maybe make that inner layer of plastic a little more water tight...

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Yeah! By all means, make it your own!

Post yours here when you have a go at it :-)


4 years ago

simple .elegand and wonderful piece of art..great project

2 replies

5 years ago

Awesome job really cool and original. I'm in the lighting contest too but this is awful scary instructable to compete against!

1 reply

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Hah, thanks bergerab! We're all friends here :-) I like your Mood Cube project - it's sleek!


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks, patsheldon! I hoped to lay out the drawings cleanly enough that anyone could follow and make their own. I'm glad you enjoy this!