Wooden Cufflinks With Purpleheart + Bog Oak

Introduction: Wooden Cufflinks With Purpleheart + Bog Oak

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In this guide, I'll show you how I made these wooden cufflinks. They are a perfect fathers day gift, or a 5th wedding anniversary present. They are made with 22K Gold Plated and Sterling Silver Plated Cufflink Blanks, with both Purpleheart + Bog Oak wood.

For this project you will need;

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Step 1: Cut

This project is great for using up some scraps of hardwood you might have lying around. I had some bog oak and some beautiful purpleheart which was perfect for this!

I trimmed it down to size using the bandsaw. This works great for cutting down the big stuff but gets quite hard when working with the smaller bits. So something like a scroll saw would work well.

I kept going until I was left with 4 small wood squares around 15mm by 15mm.

Step 2: Circle

I used the cufflink blank itself to trace the shape directly onto the purpleheart using a pencil. I took this over to my bench sander and tried my hardest to sand it round. I probably could have done a better job at this, but it came out well.

Step 3: Finish

I started by hand sanded all the edges of all the pieces from 100 grit up to 1000 grit. This left them feeling nice and smooth, and bought out the grain nicely.

I gave them all a couple of coats of a spray lacquer, with a very light sanding in between each coat. These will be worn and might get knocked around so I wanted them to be well protected.

Step 4: Epoxy

I mixed up some 5min epoxy to glue it on. I did a few tests and found this was the best glue for the job. I smeared a tiny bit on the backs of the cufflinks, I was very careful to avoid any squeeze-out.

I placed the pieces of wood on top and left it for a few hours to fully cure.

Step 5: Final Shots

Here are the final shots. These are quite fun and easy to make, and are great presents for friends and family, or for keeping yourself!

Step 6: Video

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