Wooden Display Box




Presentation is key. I'll go over how to use a small wooden box to make a cute display. I made this at the TechShop in San Francisco.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

This is what you'll need:

  • A small wooden box.
  • Something to put inside the wooden box. I'm using little amber drop bottles.
  • Paper that crumples well. Any color.
  • A logo in Adobe Illustrator format.
  • Access to a laser machine.

Step 2: Laser Etching

Use the laser machine to etch your logo onto the top of the wood. I've gone ahead and run the machine with the speed and power both set to 50. As you can see I've burnt it slightly; so you may want to boost the speed, or turn down the power.

Step 3: Crumple Bedding

Now all you have to do is crumple the paper and creatively arrange whatever you want to put inside. Cute and simple. I hope this sparks a new idea for you.



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