Wooden Dog Clubhouse for Plush Garage Life

Introduction: Wooden Dog Clubhouse for Plush Garage Life

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We love our dogs but have found an excess of dog dander is not so great for my wife's health of late, so I decided to create a sweet dog clubhouse for our two dogs to hang out in when they aren't able to be outside in their dog run.

Step 1: Required Tools and Materials

(I used outdoor coated 1&5/8" and 3" screws)
Screwdriver/drill (I did not pilot drill for my screws but if you're using something other than fiberboard and green lumber you may want to drill pilot holes to reduce splitting)
Circular Saw

(I used a rasp to blunt the edges of the fiber board so the pups don't get scraped or scratched on sharp corners)
Paint (I will likely panel this dog clubhouse with cedar planks or shingles, but you can certainly paint it instead)

I gathered all of the material for this project from the scrap piles of local construction sites. Please be sure to ask one of the workers on site before taking ANYTHING- they are usually happy to point you to their scrap piles and even happier to have someone else deal with the cleanup of getting rid of large pieces of wood and lumber. Don't steal wood, there is a lot that can be had for free with a pleasant attitude and a humble request.

That said, for a clubhouse for two medium/large dogs you will need:
Plywood/Fiberboard: 5'x3.5' X 4 (floor, ceiling, back and front),
3.5'x3.5' X2 (end sides)
Lumber: 2x6x3.5 X 4 (for raising floor above cold cement floor, once this is enclosed by the sides it will act as an insulating air layer)
2"x4"x3.5' X4 (vertical supports)
2"x4"x4.5' X1 (for threshold lining front bottom)

Step 2: The Floor

Getting the pups off the ground seemed an important goal for me, using the 2x6"s to create a little air space as a "temperature cushion"

Step 3: Add the Vertical Supports

This is where the 3" screws come in, I only needed one screw per support.

Step 4: Raise the Woof

Sorry... had to.

Step 5: Nearly Done

Adding the sides is a snap, just screw them into the 2x4 supports with the 1&5/8" screws.
The cutout for the entrance is totally up to your stylistic desires. I made mine this way so that the pups have one entrance and I am able to easily see inside the clubhouse to check on my little buddies.

Step 6: Make It Safe

I didn't want my rambunctious red dog to hurt herself on sharp edges so I sanded them all down with a rasp.

Step 7: Add Padding and Pups

Don't make them sleep on wood. I added a fleece dog blanket to the floor and have since added two dog beds and they have loved it!

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