Wooden Doll Halloween Makeup

Introduction: Wooden Doll Halloween Makeup

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1. First you are going to want to prime, apply foundation and concealer to your face like always.

2. Then you are going to want to shape your cheek bones with a dark brown. I applied this along the cheek bones and then curved it around the apples of the cheeks.

3. With the same brown create a shadow on the crease of your eye so just blend this out into the crease of your eye.

4. Then you are going to want to create the open mouth. You first want too draw two small lines from either side of your mouth. Then your are going to want to join these together by drawing a half circle going under your chin.

5. Then taking a fluffy brush you are going to want to create a shadow around this line by blending the same brown around the edges of the line.

6. Then taking a white eye liner pencil you are going to want to draw a half circle under your are and colour this in.

7. Next taking your eyeliner your are going to want to draw around the white half circle and then take this on the lid of your eye and create a winged eye liner look.

8. Then also draw on some eyelashes on the white circle you drew.

9. Then you are going to want to draw on your eye brows using your eyeliner. This is so these look painted on.

10. Then apply your mascara and red lipstick.

11. Then using a brown you are going to want to faintly draw lines all over your face to give a wooden look. Make sure you go all over your face and neck.

Now this look is finished and I hope you like this costume. Ohhh and HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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