Wooden Electrical Cable Drum Shoe Rack

Introduction: Wooden Electrical Cable Drum Shoe Rack

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Wooden Electrical Cable Drum Shoe Rack

Step 1: Materials

2 x electrical cable wooden drum

BMX 3 peice cranck set up.

3 x legs ( mine were from A queen bed ensemble base)

Step 2: Build

Fit the crank bearing hubinto 1 hole of each of the electrical drums.fit the bearings into the hub.

Fit crank drive axle into each of the bearings, standing one drum on top of the other.

Drill holes and fit the legs

Step 3:

I swapped the center of the bottom drum with some large pvc pipe. Then Drilled lots of small holes into the pvc pipe.

Thru the opening in the bottom of the drum i fitted a small lamp to produce the "laser" lights.

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