Wooden Fish Bone Knot-less Gear Ties




All credit goes to Mrballeng (Creator of the Fish bone) for allowing me to do this, Thank you Mrballeng. With this wood version you aren't able to do certain things like use the bottle cap opener and it will not be as strong. This is a pretty simple if you have worked with wood before.



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    ReiffChikpeas Brother

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    No, it is not very durable like I said you can't use the bottle cap opener on the Piranha. The wood I used here was just scrap pine wood (as we all know pine is a soft wood). So I really don't have a suggestion because it depends one what you use it for. So if you really want something strong then I suggest buying one.

    You could probably use a high quality plywood to make these and they would have reasonable strength. It still wouldn't be as strong as steel or titanium of course. But since they are fairly small you could make a bunch of them from scraps that you might be able to beg from a cabinet shop. Look for as many plies as possible and no voids. Voids will weaken them.