Wooden Flare Pistol


Introduction: Wooden Flare Pistol

I made this flare pistol in my spare time, I didn't spend any money on it because I already had the materials. it uses homemade black powder stars and homemade willow black powder to fire. It uses a toy gun cap as a primer. the cap fits over a nipple on the back, the nipple is made from a rivet. it shoots the stars about 20-30 metres high and it can also shoot rocks and marbles. this is my entry for JaycubL's bow giveaway.



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    How did you make the flares I have all the chemicals but i don't know how to construct it please help

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    I used a hardwood charcoal black powder with a small amount of zinc powder and mixed it with rubbing alcohol and left it to dry overnight in a small ceramic muffin tin, the resulting disc of black powder was then broken into small chunks. These were the "flares" that i used. Look up firework stars to get a better idea of this.

    The hardwood charcoal makes the black powder burn slower with bright orange sparks and the zinc adds some white sparks to flame.

    Thank you very much I really appreciate that

    Black powder can be hard to make so I just got some from some little fire crackers just be careful it will take but even one electronic spark to start and you CANT STOP it

    And I thought I was awefully clever using a spoke nipple from a bicycle wheel to fit the caps on the toy cap-and-ball gun I've been trying to design. You used a simple rivet and built a cool flare gun! I may have to steal some of your design ideas to finish my black powder project :) Thanks for sharing!

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    Feel free to use the idea, problem is, if the hammer is strong enough it might mash the rivet up, not a big problem but once in a while you have to replace it.
    Thanks for the kind words :D

    depends on where you live, i live in australia where it is extremely hard to find, if you live in america you can find it in things like fertillizer, stump remover and online. the stump remover's name is spectracide stump remover.

    potassium nitrate (75%) Charcoal (15%) Sulphur (10%) if you can't find sulphur you can use sugar instead. you can grind it in a ballmill or use a mortar and pestle.

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    Very cool idea, probably dangerous when used as a marble gun! Thank you for entering the drawing.

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