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Introduction: Wooden Ford 1903 Logo

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Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make Wooden Ford 1903 Logo. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it. It is very easy and cheap project.

So, let's go to work :)

- wood
- wood varnish
- wood filler
- template (step 3)

- sandpaper
- cnc router or chisel

Step 1: Watch the Video

Video will give you a good overview on how to create such a Wooden Ford 1903 Logo. But the following steps will still contain some extra useful information.

Step 2: Find Material

First find a good material for logo. I used beech wood and cut to size around 200x250x25 mm . Remember wood must be dry!

Step 3: Engrave Logo

To engrave logo in wood I used cnc router. I prepared template in PDF and EPS files, you can download it below.

Step 4: Improve Surface

After cnc router surface and side walls aren't look very good. To improve it I used sandpaper and belt sander.

Step 5: Fill Engrave

To make contrast between engrave and wood, use wood filler. I used dark color. And good advice: better is fill holes with few thin layers than one thick layer :) I filled 3 times. When first layer is dry, use sandpaper and again wood filler, sand papper. When your surface is perfectly flat time to next step.

Step 6: Paint Logo

Now time to paint logo. I used clear varnish.

Step 7: Finish

Your Wooden Ford 1903 Logo is completely finished :)

You did it!

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If you have any questions leave a comment below :)



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14 Discussions

Is your prototype for sale? Love me some Ford stuff

Awesome job! Looks really nice & I might have to make one to go with all the cardboard model T delivery trucks & old ford tool collection.

1 reply

Thanks :) I seen your classic cars and I am pretty sure this logo will be look very good with them.

Clever and well done Instructable. Only question I have is what bit did you use on the CNC engrave. Nice!

1 reply

I used:

-SIngle Flute Engraving V-Bit 20degrees

-Double Flutes Spiral Milling Cutter 1.5mm and 3mm

While i dont woodwork, i found the logo super cool. I am making my car nut friend a piece of art using the logo after printing it onto watercolor paper. Thanks!

I have a father in law that doesn't know that he is getting this for Christmas now. Thanks a bunch ?.

1 reply