Wooden Gamekeeper Catapults/Slingshot

Introduction: Wooden Gamekeeper Catapults/Slingshot

Hey guys, this is an awesome stuff. You can do anything with it. You can hunt with it, you can play with it, and protect yourselves from any animal. So lets start with it.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Wood and Materials

Bike tyre tube
rubber adhesive(Optional)
broad leather strip(I got it from my old leather shoes.)

It is important to choose the wood correctly, otherwise when you will stretch the elastic band holding the wooden base, it will broke down. Names of woods which are useful to make it are:
oak, softwoods, timbers, Indian babul, Gunde (tree), Jackfruit, Arjun, Pine, Rosewood, Cedar (All types will work), etc.

Here, I had used the wood of Cordia tree (Gunde).

Remember, use a thick one. Enough thick, too make it easy for you to grip it.

Step 2: Cutting Into Shape

You will need a V shaped thick wooden stick with a short handle. Short Handle will reduce the efforts and will increase the grip. It will be the best choice. Cut all other branches or leaves except that V shaped piece.

Step 3: Giving Extra Grip and Strength the Your Slingshot

For this step, you would need a bike's inner rubber tube. Use a old one so that no money would be wasted. This step is somewhere tricky, so take the help of the photos also.

First step : Cut the strips of the rubber as shown in the pictures.

Second step : Wind the strips around the basic structure of the capault in such a manner that it covers the whole and remember to cut the extra pieces.

Third ste p: After w inding up the rubber strips around the basic structure, stick the ends of the rubber strips with a rubber adhesive. It would be a temporary solution.

Step 4: Cutting the Sections and Elastic Strings

Now, you will need four more rubber strips. Two broad and long, and two narrow strips.

Put the two broad strips first. Put them on both the ends one by one as shown in the first picture.

Then wind the narrow ones around the broad ones, one by one. Make it sure that you have tied it properly, so that when you stretch the rubber band, it doesn't broke down. Cut the extra piece.

Cut out a leather piece, enough big to cover your palm. Make two small sections near the end of that leather piece.
Insert the other end of the broad strip into these sections and turn it over and then stick it as shown in the last picture. It is a temporary solution.

Step 5: Finishing

Cut down two narrow strips of rubber. Tie both of them simutaneously on both the sides of the launcher where you have stick the rubber. Tie a knot there and make it as tight as you can. Cut the extra piece. 

Now, go and do whatever you wnat to do with it. Just remember, I am not responsible for any damage caused by this stuff.

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