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About: I'm a woodworker who makes fun woodworking projects on my wife's side of the garage!

I thought a Hammerhead Shark would make a perfect woodworking project! Get it? Hammerhead? See what I did there?

This Hammerhead Shark project is one of Ten Fun Scroll Saw Projects I designed. Watch the video to see all ten projects, including the shark!

Step 1: Prepare Templates

I looked at pictures of hammerheads to design my templates in Microsoft Visio, then printed them out. I used 3M General Purpose 45 spray adhesive to stick them to a standard 1x12 pine board.

Step 2: Cut the Parts

Cut the spine, body parts, and fins out using a scroll saw or jig saw. I designed all of the parts with interlocking notches so that no hardware would be required to put it together. It's like a snap-together model from the 1970's!

Since the board is 3/4" thick, I made the notches 3/4" wide, but you might have to cut some test pieces to figure out whether cutting on the lines or next to the lines results in the best fit.

The oval body parts get bigger in the middle, so it helps to number them in an inconspicuous spot so you can slide them onto the spine in order. Don't forget to cut notches in a few of the body parts for the fins to slide on!

Step 3: Assemble the Shark

I made some small stands to hold up the the head and tail. Slide all of the parts together. Some sanding may be required to get them to fit. If a piece is too loose, it's easy trace it and cut another one.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Hammerheads have wicked looking eyes on the sides of the head, so I cut some knots out of the pine sort of eye-shaped and glued them on. I just left the wood as is, but feel free to paint it a gray sharky color. A few drops of red here and there might add a little drama too.

Click here to see my full website article on the shark and my other scroll saw projects. I do have templates available, although I do encourage you to design your own templates. It's more fun that way!

Thanks for checking out my project, Steve....

PS - I am SO tempted to make another spine with a claw hammer shape for the head. I will do that someday!



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    6 Discussions


    Question 4 months ago

    smaller scale???
    and moveable???


    Tip 4 months ago

    add big 1/2 beads or wood sphears (black) to add eyes, and some cloth over it to make it look EVEN BETTER!!!


    2 years ago

    love it! details make it special~


    2 years ago

    Totally have a ton of the harbor freight flashlights. The shark is awesome


    2 years ago

    very cool, gives me an idea for a Christmas present. :)

    1 reply