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Introduction: Wooden Hodge Podge Owl

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Fall is just about here. Celebrate by making a cute one-of-a-kind hodge podge owl for your home or yard.

Step 1: Make It an Event

Invite friends over to make one with you. Gather supplies and prepare a work space for you and your pals. The fun part is no one's owl will look the same.

Ahead of time you can gather hardware and scrap pieces. To save time you can go ahead and have your friends' shapes cut and ready to go.

Step 2: What You Will Need

Tools Needed:

Rotozip or Jigsaw if you're cutting your own.




3/8" or 1/4" plywood

Finishing Nails


Spray Paint

Clear Coat Spray


Construction Adhesive (must be able to bond to plastic, wood and metal) for Exterior Use

Various pieces of hardware, metal, bottle caps, buttons, knobs, plumbing fixtures, ect. ( I raided my husband's garage for most of this but a good place to find different shaped materials is Habitat Restore ).

Optional - Small board to write message on

Furring Strip or 1 x 2 piece of wood at least 24" long.

Step 3: Plywood

Start by cutting out your plywood. This owl was made with 3/8" scrap plywood. Trace your template on the wood and cut out using a jigsaw or spiral saw such as a rotozip. Use safety goggles and earplugs when working with power tools. Understand how to properly use them before you start cutting.

If you aren't feeling up to using power tools, you can find cut out wooden owl shapes at a craft store. These may be thinner wood so you may be limited as to the size of pieces you can adhere to it. Just make sure to clear coat it well.

The size of your owl is up to you. Mine came out to be about 12" tall.

Step 4: Base Coat

Choose a color of spray paint and add a base coat to your wooden shape.

Let dry then spray the back side. You can add texture by sponging on a different color if you choose.

Add clear coat to all sides.

Step 5: Piece It Together

Figure out which pieces you are going to put where on the owl. Lay them out on the wood to get a feel for how it's going to look. Cut pieces if you need to. You can add little stripes of paint to add pops of color before you place anything.

Step 6: Screw to Post

The post you will use needs to have a pointed end so that you can put it in the ground if using it for a yard decoration. If yours is going to strictly be indoors you can omit this step.

You can use a painted or unfinished wood post but before you attach anything to it put a clear coat on all edges.

The furring strip or post you choose can now be screwed on to the back of your painted owl shape. Use either an electric drill/driver or screw driver to secure a screw that is just a little longer than your post.

If you're using a thinner piece of wood you can just glue it to the post using constructive adhesive.

Step 7: Glue Your Pieces

Go ahead and glue your pieces in place using your construction adhesive. E6000 and Locktite work well although petroleum based glue doesn't really stick well to plastics or smooth metal.

Some pieces may have to be tacked on with some short finishing nails.

Step 8: Finish It Up

If you've made a sign to go under your decorated owl you can add it now.

Use a coat of clear coat over any fixtures that are wood.

Find a spot in your yard for your new creation and enjoy all season.

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    5 years ago

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! You can bet that I'll be making this! Great job=P