Wooden Horse Photo Holder

Introduction: Wooden Horse Photo Holder

In this you will be making a wooden horse with slits in it for photos.

You will need:

- Wood

- Scroll saw

- Cardboard

- Horse template

- Paint, varnish or wax

- Sander

- Stanley knife

Step 1: Template

The first step you will do is get your template. This can be done my searching up "horse silhouette" or "horse template." It should look like the picture shown

Step 2: Prototype

The next step is to cut out a cardboard prototype. For this you will need a Stanley knife, cardboard and your template. Trace your template onto the cardboard with pencil, then you will need to cut it out with the stanley knife. If you would like it think you may want to cut out a few of these and put them together so you have an idea of how it will look thick.

Step 3: Wood

The next step is to cut out your wooden toy. With your template and pencil you will trace your horse onto the wood. Then with the scroll saw you will cut out your horse.

Step 4: Sanding

Now you will need to sand your horse so you don't have horrible edges. You can do this with an electric saw or a sanding block (i found it a lot quicker and easier with a band saw) depending on what you have. You wan the edges to be nice and soft as well as the sides so it is easy to paint.

Step 5: The Photo Slits

For this you will need to clamp your horse and then saw where you want the slits. once you have done the slits you may want to sand it a bit more so its still easy to paint

Step 6: Painting

This is the exciting bit! I painted my horse a gold colour with some different coloured spots on it although you can do whatever you want! make sure to cover the whole horse so there are no spots with no paint. If you would prefer to keep your horse with just wood you could wax it so its a nicer colour of wood or you could just keep it the same!

Step 7: Finishing Product!

Once all the paint is dry you can test out the photo holders! hopefully they will work and you can put it in your house! Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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    4 years ago

    Very cool idea. This looks great for horse lovers! :)