Wooden Jewelery Box

Introduction: Wooden Jewelery Box

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Hello, today I am going to create a Wooden Stand Up Jewelry box.

we are going to need a piece of ply wood no thicker than 30 Centimeters

the width size we need is 20 X 12

I believe we may need some wood glue for some of the components.

okay lets get started, there may only be a few steps to this project.

Step 1: This Is the File for the Inskcape Software

All you need to do is copy and Import this image to the Inkscape Software,

if you are having trouble setting up the dimensions on the Inkscape software please see my first instructable. it will guide you through the set up process

Once you figure that out send your file to the retina engraver software or which ever software you have that your laser cutter uses.

Step 2: Getting Your File Laser CUT and Assembeled

once you send your file to your preferred laser cutting software,

its time to assemble your wooden box,

there are numbers on the last file uploaded, it goes from 1 to 6

have fun and enjoy the project.

if you have any questions inbox me.

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    3 years ago

    This is beautiful! It would be good if you could include the inkskape file to download. :)