Wooden Jewelry Parts and Trinkets




Introduction: Wooden Jewelry Parts and Trinkets

The company I work for has an Epilog Legend  which I have the pleasure of running.  Unfortunately, if we want to make something for ourselves, there is a $50 minimum charge no matter how small the project.  

My daughters employers are extremely nice to her and part of their business is creating custom jewelry, so I decided as a thank you present for them, that I would make some small trinkets and parts that they might be able to include in their jewelry.  

First I used primarily Corel Draw fonts and clip art to make the patterns I wanted to laser.  After it etches, it cuts out the shapes.  Some of the parts are very tiny and fragile.  The parts that they can't use, I figure my daughter can use in mosaics or some other art project.

If I had an Epilog laser of my own, I would love to start a sideline job of making custom gaskets and seals for motorcycles and cars, make jewelry parts out of other materials, possibly create my daughters wedding invitations to be laser cut, and especially to make my granddaughter an awesome doll house!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I work with Melissa and she is very talented and creative with our company's lasers. I wish her all the luck with winning this laser and I believe she will do great things with it.