Wooden Lion/Wolf Art (Pallet Wood) 16+ Color Bulb (LED)



Introduction: Wooden Lion/Wolf Art (Pallet Wood) 16+ Color Bulb (LED)

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Awesome Lion-wolf art decor made from old pallet boards and a shower door, hand carved, & 2 LED light bulbs shine the design!!!

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Step 1: Pick a Design

Pick a Design I chose one that looks both like a wolf and a lion.. I blew it up at least half of the size of the old shower door I salvaged.

Step 2: Cut and Fit

Lay your pallet wood out and cut to fit how you like.

Step 3: Lay Out & Jigg

lay out your design and begin cutting, 1 bored at a time, when I got halfway through I found it was easier to glue the bottom half down, I use silicone (clear) to attach the boards too glass, and then continue cutting the rest of the design. (jiggsaw)

Step 4: Frame It!!!

Next cut and fit a frame as if you were building a box, I added blocks for corner and joint support on the palate boards for stability.

Step 5: Light Set-up

I disassembled an old light fixture, cut and Bent a clothes hanger to make brackets for light sockets, and by 2 - 16+ colors led lights & remote from eBay $11.00... when lit up you can make each light a different color it looks awesome. (yellow on top and red on bottom looks like a sunset)

Step 6: Wire & Fire

I use to old-school Brown extension cords to wire up the sockets (properly) with wire nuts and wire attachments. Plug it in and cut off the lights, it's an awesome mellow design.. most importantly Have Fun!! Thank you Instuctables for having me, cant wait to post more of my creations.

Step 7: Tools+

These are the basic tools i used..

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