Wooden Medicine Cabinet


Introduction: Wooden Medicine Cabinet

This is a wooden medicine cabinet that I made for my junior Certificate exam in school. It was made over a few months working on it for a few classes each week. The portfolio attached below shows all the steps in design and fabrication of the unit. (sorry if there is anything missing as there were certain hand drawn pages that were included but I do not have a scanner. If there is enough interest I will try to upload them somehow) Hope you like it :) thanks for reading



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    Do you have any measurement for it? If you do please send them to me thanks.
    Ps beautiful job I hope my cabinet

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    Hi Andy,
    As I said before there are more sheets that I did not include, but I will have a day off school tomorrow and I will try to publish a proper instructable then :) sorry for keeping you waiting

    Sorry I just got your reply thanks a lot

    sorry guys, I didnt get a chance to update today, I will do it at the weekend, I promise :)