Wooden Mini Tripod

Hello. Please forgive me for my bad english.
I made myself a small tripod of the sticks that lay in the garage. You can install a camera, camcorder, laser level or smartphone on it. It turned out very simple and convenient device.

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Step 1: Preparation of Supports

At first I sawed off three bars of the same length with the same cut angle on both sides

Step 2: Grinding

To tripod looked beautiful wooden legs need to be polished

Step 3: Size Check

Step 4: Compound

Now you need to cut the connector that will be inserted into the hole between the legs of the tripod

Step 5: Glueing

All parts need to be connected with glue

Step 6: Camera Mount

I did not make a swivel mount of wood and used what was at home.

I painted it with gold paint and set it in a tripod by drilling a hole in the top.

Step 7: Painting

The wooden parts of the tripod are painted with special paint.

Step 8: Tripod Ready

To install the smartphone made a mount from a bar with a cut-out groove to the size of the phone

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbSBjIYLP7A

Step 9:

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    2 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your project! The phone mount looks like a handy addition. :)

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