Wooden Mug From a Stick




It is my son's birthday soon and I know he would like a wooden king's mug, I found a stick in my wood pile that wasn't cracked through and it was the right size so I gave it a shot.

Step 1: Cutting the Mug

The stick I grabbed was about 4" across which works well for the size of cup I want. I am using a 2 1/4" forstner bit to drill the center out and the bit is 4" long so I cut a piece off the log about 5" long and sanded the bottom so it sat flat. I drew a circle about 2 1/2" across on the bottom so I didn't go smaller than that and I used my belt sander and drum sander to bring the cup into shape. I used a 60 grit on my palm sander to rough everything, then I used waterproof glue to seal the cracks. When the glue is tacky, sand with 120 grit to fill the cracks and finish sand at the same time. I took some time to sand the inside smooth down to 240 by hand to make it feel right.

Step 2: Finishing

I used 1 coat of summer oak finish to bring out the grain and I hand rubbed 2 coats of beeswax/ mineral oil mix



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    2 years ago

    doesn't water warp wood? Do the drinks taste like the oil? I love this idea but I grew up in a glass and plastic world. This is blowing my mind.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    I couldn't taste mineral oil at all but the beeswax does give a very slight hint of honey. I think the beeswax seals the wood enough that water doesn't get into it