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Introduction: Wooden Nightstand

Here is my Idea of a practical Nightstand for a very cheap price.

Step 1: Idea Und Cut

In the first picture you can see the final idea of the Nightstand with all of its measures (all in cm). The following are in mm.

It has been cut out of two plates of Wood (Pine 1200°300°18). To take 300mm for the with and hight made it easy to cut the wood without much waste.

The first plate was cut to 800°300mm as well as one time 264°30mm. The Rest was used to get two support structures (264°60).

The second plate was cut to 200°300, 300°300, 264°300, two times 140°300 and one time 140°264.

As base I used 6 little quadratic pieces of wood I had left with 18mm hight and about 30mm with. Important is to cut a the piece of wood you want to open in a angel of about 30° to get it up easily.

Step 2: The Glaze

To get a richer look I colored everything (exept the little base pieces, which i glued) with wood stain (Walnut) and let it get dry over night. Important is to paint everytime in the direction of the wood to get a great look.

But first you have to get rid of the chips of wood by polishing the pieces.

Wood Stain is better than color, because the grain of the wood remains visible.

Step 3: Construction

To built it all up, I used tiny brackets (18 in the end), which are cheap and do the job very well. To fix them Spax °12 are suitable to prevent the wood of breaking. You can also try to fix it with nails, but its not so sturdy and the wood will probably collapse.

Two Articulations to lift up one side of the top were used (nice effect and you can access the lower part of the Nightstand.

Step 4: Final

In the end I spend about 20€ to make all of it in about 2 Hours.

Have Fun with it

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    4 years ago

    It looks great!