Wooden Pallet Bench




Introduction: Wooden Pallet Bench

This a bench that is made from rubbish wood that would otherwise been thrown out

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

2 wooden pallets
Wood Glue
50mm treated pine screws
75mm nails
Pry bar
Mitre saw or hand saw
Cheap paint brush
Circular saw

Note some of the tools and materials aren't in the photo

Step 2: Dismantling the Wooden Pallets

Take one of the pallets and start knocking the timer out. Once there's a gap between the two timbers take the pry bar and lift it up to prevent spitting the wood

Step 3: Removing the Nails From the Timber

Once you have taken all the timber off the pallet then you need to remove the nails from the timber by taking the hammer and pry bar and pulling the out
Handy tip is to keep the straight nails and use them later

Step 4: Soughting Size and Shape

Take all the thin boards and line them up on edge.
Then take the four boards and sit them aside for later
Now you can Sought them the way you want them to look once your done than take a pencil and draw two big lines from one corner to the middle and the other corne to the middle

Step 5: Glue Up

Now place the boards face down and start to glue the up. Spread a lot of glue on them to make it nice and strong and also keep the layer of glue even as you do this

Step 6: Clamping

Now place the boards back on edge and line them up as.best you can on the ends and clamp them. Use as many clamps you have to do this then tighten them all evenly

Step 7: Cleaning Up Squeeze Out

Take a paint brush and a rag and clean the glue that squeezed out while clamping.itsbest to do this while the glue is still wet.

Step 8: Legs

Take the big 90*35 or if it is 70*35 peices of timber and cut four of them to 500mm
And cut two at 190mm

Step 9: Trimming the Top to Size

Once it's all dry Trim the ends so that there all flush
Then trim the width of the boards with a circular saw at 265mm

Step 10: Cutting a Chanel for the Legend to Sit in

Mark the width and how far the legs will stick in and cut out using a hand saw than place the legs in and screw them in on all four sides

Step 11: Trim for the Out Side

Now take one of the boards we left out and nail it on the outside to hide the edge and screws that hold the legs on
Nail it on with the old rusty nails we pulled out of the pallet and do the same on the other side
Now on the short sides cut one of the boards to size to cove the end and the other trim end do this on both ends and nail them on the same as before

Step 12: Final Leg Support

Get the leg support that we cut at 190mm and measure 100mm from the bottom of the legs attached on all four legs a nail the supports in the middle of them

Step 13: Clear Coat

Opitional clear coat if it's going to be outside and you want it to last longer than just apply the clear coat with a brush and leave to dry

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