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Introduction: Wooden Pebble Necklace

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This project is incredibly quick and easy to do.

If you would like to watch my quick build video you can see it here:

Materials Used:

  • Scrap Wood
  • 3.5mm Male to Female Headphone Jack
  • Spray Polyurethane
  • Sugru

Tools Used:

  • Belt Sander
  • Drill
  • Scissors

Step 1: Turn the Scrap Into Pebbles

I raided my scrap bin for some small pieces of hardwood. I chose some Maple, Walnut, Zebrano & Wenge(?). I also used some Padauk but I ended up scraping that piece as the finish wouldn't dry on it for some reason.

I cut the scrap wood I had into random sized block. Not too large as they will be a necklace, but not too small either.

I then free hand sanded them on my belt sander. As usual this can be done by hand but a belt sander is a lot faster. I just repeatedly sanded the corner and rounded over the edges until the shape started to resemble a pebble. I then further smoothed the edges by hand with some sand paper. I sanded them all to 320 grit.

Step 2: Drill Holes & Spray Finish

To get the pebbles on the necklace they need a hole in them. So I used a 3mm drill bit in my drill and drilled a hole through the centre of the wooden pebbles.

I then sprayed then with polyurethane to give them a nice shine and help protect them too.

Step 3: Make the Necklace

I wanted to try an Idea I have had for a while. I wanted to use a 3.5mm headphone jack as the necklace and use the connector as the clasp or latch mechanism. I cut the wire an threaded the beads on. I used Sugru to secure the connector back onto the cable but I wasn't happy with how it turned out.

I think a better idea would be to cut the cable in the centre, thread on the pebbles, then add heat shrink tubing to connect the two pieces back together. Then secure the join inside the centre pebble so it cant be seen. I really should have done this instead of using the Sugru. But at least I know now.

That's all there is to this project. Nice, quick, easy and simple to make. I think it would be a great project to get kids involved with. Especially on a rainy day.

I hope you like it :)



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    11 Discussions

    Gr8 video tho, will b doing this after home is sold for Christmas gifts! Thank you Joe!

    Thanks! Glad you liked the video :) I did put at the end of the Instructable that I think the best way to do it would be to use heat shrink tubing and to secure it inside the 'pebble'. I'm yet to try it but like you say I think it should work a lot better :)

    Wow Joe Very Nice work Mate I am Truly Impressed with this. You have done an Awesome Job with It. Keep up the great work Mate . Take Care. :)

    1 reply

    like the old saying goes... 'innovation is the mother of invention'

    i love things that are so simple that turn out really great! the plugs are a brilliant idea for connecting a necklace together but your right, the bonding compound sets up to thick and ruins the look of the necklace, but its still a good idea, nice work!

    1 reply

    Thank you! I agree, I always think the simpler the idea the better. I think using some heat shrink tubing and securing it inside one of the 'pebbles' is the way to go :)

    I'm going to use some different types of cables as fastners in future projects :)

    These really look great... The idea is so simple and it turned out beautiful. Thanks!!

    1 reply

    This is an excellent way to use up some tiny hardwood scraps.

    I need to make a few of these necklaces for my daughter. Thanks for sharing this great idea!

    1 reply

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) It is a great use up those small scraps that you cant bring yourself to throw away haha. I'm sure your daughter will love the ones you make :)