Wooden Pen Holder



Introduction: Wooden Pen Holder

Its a Mini table design with Pen/ Pencil holder.

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Step 1: Selection of Wood

When I went to Lumber yard, I found this piece of wood in the wood dump box, so asked for it using my charming smile and got it for FREE .!!!!

- Initially wanted to some painting on it, as it was smooth on top.

- later got an idea to do a mini version of the table, which I wanted to do !

- so made cuts according to the requirements..

Step 2: Groove

- Made groove as shown in pic and it was my first time using the angle grinder.

- I did okay!

- Then attached the pieces together in L shape..

- with help of resin mix, I covered the slots on the wood, and did lots of ratio experiments with resin to get clear dry.

- the resin which i used is not so good as i expected but it does the needful ( will not recommend for art works bcz it will turn into Yellow.)

- And yaa that's bath soap under the wood! :p

Step 3: Attaching the Base!

- Got some Acrylic sheet and it was not in a perfect shape and i used to my favor and converted into cure base stand.

- It looked cool.

So wanted to keep it natural wood texture on top but thought it might get stained or dirty, so got some glow in dark powder mixed with resin and coated on top.

Step 4: Mistake But Covered Brilliantly (I Think :p )

- So after resin coat , I placed it to dry and by the time I came back , there were some bubbles popped up on top of the surface ( big one's)

- was so upset looking at them , wanted to sand the top but got an excellent Idea

- got some acrylic paintings and did some design and it looks so good!

- And in dark too it looks cool.....

Step 5: Pen Holder

So made a pen holder earlier to put on top of this but it was too big for this so got a stick

- made cut to required length and size

- drilled Holes into it, as you can see the holes are not perfect ( didn't had big drill bit)

- coated with Varnish.

Step 6: Finally..........

So finally this is how it looks.... :)

So friends please let me know how is it !

Comment , suggest some techniques or anything please do share your valuable Views :)

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