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Introduction: Wooden Phone (sculpture)

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I made this wooden phone for my Telephone Kiosk K2!

Step 1: Cut and Glue

Cut and glue pieces you'll need for your phone size.
I used another phone to estimate sizes and give me an idea.

Step 2: Glue the Template and Cut It

Glue the template and then cut it with a jigsaw, band saw, scroll saw, coping saw.... whatever you have.

Step 3: Shape It!

Use knife, files, rasps to shape the phone handle.
Then drill some holes to make it look as microphone and speaker holes.

Step 4: The Base

Cut the base and sides.
The sides are cut at 30 degrees with the jigsaw.
Then miter the corners.
I used nails and instant glue (CA) to join those but you can use yellow/white glue for this.
On top glue the cap into place.
Finally drill the hole for the cable in the base and phone. 3/8 drill bit worked for a great fit of the plugs.

Step 5: Add the Stand

Add the stand for the phone handle.
Cut the shape with the jigsaw and then part it in two on the table saw/band saw.
Mine were too long so I cut them to length with the coping saw.
Then drill and glue, nail/screw them in place.

Step 6: Sand, Sign and Finish

Sand with 120 followed by 220 grit sandpaper.
Then apply your signature followed by finish.
I used Danish Oil for antique/used look.

Signature Transfer:
I sign my work with ink transfer onto wood.

I use laser printed mirror image of my design and pass it with thinner onto the wood (it is very easy but takes a bit of practice).

Try it first with something you have laser printed on a normal paper (gloss and ink-jet print won't work).

Step 7: Make a Dial

To make the dial use MDF or hardboard.
Drill the holes with 1/2'' inch Forstner bit (for clean results) or use any bit with similar diameter.
Then drill the center hole for the screw.

Use the jigsaw to cut the circle out, spray it on all sides with the color of your choice (I used silver spray paint).

Finally screw it in the place lightly (it needs to turn).

For smooth turning, your center hole should be a bit larger diameter than the screw used.

Step 8: You're Done!

Just place it where ever you like, I put mine in a K2 kiosk replica I made myself....soon on Instructables.

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    5 years ago

    Cool project. I love the look of carved wood. Great job.