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Introduction: Wooden Plate Clock Tutorial

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This DIY Project is an easy way to turn an old wooden plate into a new clock. These wooden plate clocks make awesome gifts. I'll be honest though.... I'm keeping mine! I love how it turned out!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

What You Will Need:
-Wooden Plate (I got mine at a thrift store for $1.00! The thinner the better!)
-Drill and Large Drill Bit
-Clock Kit (found at any hobby/craft store)

-a Set of Bigger Clock Hands. My kit came with tiny hands, so I bought bigger ones.
-Picture hanging kit if your clock kit doesn't come with a wall hanger

Step 2: Lets Begin!

1. Start by finding the Middle of your clock.

You can do this by measuring length wise and and marking the middle number.

2. Then, measure width wise and mark the middle number.

For example: My clock measured 13", so I made a mark at 6 1/2" Length wise and Width wise.

3. Drill Your Hole

Step 3: Put Clock Kit Together

These are the directions that were on the back of my clock kit. I didn't follow them exactly since my plate was a little thick and wouldn't fit all of the parts. Play around with the pieces if you have the same problem.

1. Push the clock mechanism through the back of the plate and add your clock pieces.


Now you have your own Wooden Plate Clock!

See more tutorials like this one here: korrinewojcik.blogspot.com

Happy Crafting!!

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