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Introduction: Wooden Postcard

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Today is my Mom's birthday and I wanted to make a handmade card. I decided to make one out of wood. the cool thing about this design is you can modify it to say anything. The size of it is a standard postcard.

Step 1: Design

I used adobe illustrator to make the design. It was really just some lines and type arranged in a way that was pleasing to the eye. You could also make this in inkscape for free. If you make one use a different font for the to and from section mine was too thin to cut on the cnc so I had to hand route it.

Step 2: CNC Your Postcard

I used purple heart for this since purple is my moms favorite color. But it wasnt as purple as I wanted it to be. I held down the wood to the board with some screws. Then used a 90 degree v bit for the design. The first time i did it the design failed because of the thin type so I redid and hand routed the other type. I forgot to document that part.

I then used a white paint marker and some sharpies to fill in the letters to add contrast to the postcard.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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