Wooden Puzzle Cube 3D (3D Puzzle Cube Constructed With Sketchup 2013 Suite)




Here is the wood version of the cube puzzle after my tutorial SketchUp Puzzle Cube

here is the link for version SketchUp 3d cube puzzle: Puzzle SketchUp

You will need:

a wooden lamella thickness of 1 cm to 5 cm width and 35 cm in length (you can also do polystyrene 1 cm thick) but once the wood varnish gives a more beautiful appearance.

1 hacksaw

1 jigsaw a metal file sandpaper medium to very fine for sanding and finishing of natural wood pulp to make up defects if any varnish.

Step 1: Cut and Prepare

Cut a strip 5 cm wide and 35 cm long

After printing the front of your cube, stick on square
then cut parts to remove with a hacksaw or jigsaw
for inaccessible areas.
Use the lime for finishing and adjusting

Step 2: Fit and Assemble

Cutting finished, there are more than to catch defects (if any) with synthetic wood pulp,

to fine tune the fit of the face with lime and varnish.

you can download all Zipped Files and making' video here: http://1drv.ms/1cCI0iZ



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    4 months ago

    Awesome project! I tried making some a few years back using plastics.