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Using wood, you can make anything using wood because wood is easy to get, easy to transform and the price is not expensive. In this Instructables, I will show you how to make a simple wooden toys. I will made a Radar Tower toys, and the best things of this toys is the antenna of the toys is can working and rotating.


Step 1: You Will Need


• 0,5mm Thick block / wooden board
• Small dc motor
• Some cables
• AA Battery holder
• 2 AA battery
• Small nails


• Pen / marker
• Ruler
• Knife
• Sandpaper
• Hammer

Step 2: Lets Make It

For make the template, i will make isosceles triangle shape. The up side is 1 inch, and the down side is 3 inch. I draw the template on the wood.

Next, i cut the wooden board using knife and for make the cut is good, i using ruler to help me cut the wood. Made 4 parts of the wooden boards. Next, make all the wooden parts smooth using sand paper.

Step 3: Make It More Details

• For make it more details, i make a hole on the bottom of the wooden parts like image1 and i cut it. It will looks like letter A. Next make it smooth using sandpaper.

• Next, nail all off the wooden parts like image, after that i'm make the edge smooth using sandpaper.

Step 4: The Antenna

• For the antenna, i cut a small wooden board to rectangle.

• Next, i cut all the edge and make it smooth again.
• After that, I cut the center of it and i bend it, like image 3.
• For the holder, i use a pen cardridge and i glue it to the antenna and the motor
• Roll / solder the wire to the motor
• Insert the motor to the tower and glue it

Step 5: Finish

Plug in your circuit to the battery holder, insert the battery, and the antenna will rotate.

You can add colors or anything to your toys.
Happy making

Thanks for look my works

sorry for my english

I hope you can make it better than me.


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    md zaheer

    8 months ago

    will it work please tell me


    2 years ago

    ha ha ha ! nice, with chicken wire & tube, it could more realistic ?

    good idea anyway