Wooden Shoes (around the World)

Introduction: Wooden Shoes (around the World)

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I made wooden shoes and took them for a spin ''around the world''!

Check out how I made them and where I've been to :)

If you can't see the video here is the link (opens in a new window)
Wooden Shoes

Step 1: Cut Out the Shoe Shape

Draw the shoe shape on a piece of wood. at least 12 inches long.
I used 2'' x 2'' Cedar stock, but you can use any type of wood.
Use coping saw, jigsaw or scroll saw to cut out the shape.

Think how you're going to make the cuts, once shoe is free from the long piece it is hard to cut it safely.

Step 2: Shape It!

Use rasps, files, carving knife and anything that you can use to shape the shoe.
Be patient, you'll get there!

The harder the wood is it will be harder to carve/shape, but with softwoods it is easier for your work to get cracked or splinter.

Step 3: Make the Hole

Use Forstner or spade bit to make holes.
Then sand the inside using drill attachment sander or you can do it by hand and a piece of dowel.

Step 4: Repairs (if Needed)

I over-drilled one my shoes and I had to fix it.
If it happens to you do the following:

- make putty

Mix some glue with fine sawdust (preferable from the same shoe material)
Fill the hole with putty and leave for 24 hrs to dry, then sand the excess off.

Step 5: Sanding...Everywhere!

Get your shoes some traveling!

I left sawdust in:

Ojo de Agua, Edo Mex, Mexico (my home in Mexico)

Mexico City, DF, Mexico

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Venice, Italy

Pula, Istra, Croatia

Fazana, Istra, Croatia (my home in Croatia)

Step 6: Apply Finish

Sign your shoes and apply some finishing.

I finished mine with oil-beeswax finish.

Step 7: Done!

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I love to read your comments so don't be shy to post them.
I appreciate you sharing my projects!

Andrea A.

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    Danang JKT
    Danang JKT

    5 years ago

    Great job bro. I like the sanding everywhere part. Sound so serious but also funny. Hahahaa....