Wooden Skate Trophy Out of Recycled Skateboards

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Intro: Wooden Skate Trophy Out of Recycled Skateboards

Hello everyone!

In this instructables I'll show you how you can make a wooden skate trophy out of old recycled skateboards. I made this trophy out of old skateboards. I made it for skateshop Push. They are organizing a skate contest. A big thanks to them for supporting me with broken skateboards. It's so fun to work with old skateboards, it"s so colorful and you get beautiful results!

Sooo, let's start!

Step 1: Preparing the Skateboards

First you need to peel off the griptape. It helps when you heat it up.

I'm cutting a lot of 4mm strips out of different skateboards. (how much you'll need depends on the pattern that you'll be using) I made too many strips haha.

I'm also cutting 5mm strips out of one skateboard.

It was faster if I sanded the whole board at first, but I forgot to do that. So hard work: sanding all the strips by hand and the inside on the belt sander.

Step 2: The Base of the Trophy

For the base I just used a random shape.

Apply enough of wood glue and glue all the (4mm) strips onto the base. I used skateboards without color for the bottom and the back of the trophy.

Find a pattern that you like for the sides and the front, and start glueing on the colorfull (4mm) skateboard strips! I'm using a combination of wood glue and superglue. Superglue for the speed and wood glue for the strength.

Between each layer/face you'll need to cut off the rest of the strips on the bandsaw, and sand it flush with the base.

Step 3: Finishing the Trophy

For the sign we'll use the 5mm strips out of the same skateboard. I glued them all together as one panel and now I will cut out a splash/boom shape on the bandsaw. I'll reinforce the sign with a 4mm plywood back, so now you need to cut this out (again) on the bandsaw.

I bought some lasercut letters to add the title onto the sign. I glued them on using superglue. Also use superglue to glue on the sign onto the base. To finish off this skate trophy I've cutted out a silhouette of a skater. As a finish I'm using mineral oil.

If you want to see the full video:

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