Wooden Space Lamp




Introduction: Wooden Space Lamp

It all started with a broken floor lamp that only the lighting pole was saved, so I've decided to build its surround, using wood and my passion for space. The first part of this project is creating the lamp itself, using an existing lighting pole, and the second part (which will be described in a future instructable) includes some games with arduino and LEDs inside.

Step 1: Materials

Materials are pretty straight forward, I have chosen the height to be 125cm and base of 30cmx30cm, you can choose whatever you like:

  1. 2 boards of 125 x 28 x 1 (cm)
  2. 2 boards of 125 x 30 x 1 (cm)
  3. 4 poles of 125 x 3 x 3 (cm)
  4. 4 rubber leggings.

For the pro ones, you can cut your own wood, I just went to the local carpenter and asked him nicely to cut these for me :)

Step 2: Drilling Drilling Drilling

I have use some clamps to get all the boards tight to each other, and started with drilling the holes. The tightest you get the boards to each other the less problem with the wood you will have (it might crack from the other side of drilling). In case you do get it, you can just use it as an inner side.

Here you can have your freedom with the size and how many you will do. The bigger the size and the more that you have - the more light you will get, I wasn't looking for another light source in my living room, but for an aroma light.

For drilling the holes I have used two kinds of bids:

  • Small holes: 3.5mm bid
  • Big holes: 5mm bid

This step is the most important one, so it really shapes your lamp. Even thought there are (so) many holes, keep doing it, keep cleaning, and sanding - so you get the best results.

Step 3: Glueing

Pick the inner side, and glue to the 28cm width boards on both sides the 3x3 poles, make sure you use wood glue, and keep these tight for 24 hours. I had only 5 clamps, but in case you can get more - the better. This step is very important for the lamp, so keep it as straight, balanced, and tight as you can.

It is also possible not to use a pole but to use different leftovers of other wooden projects. It doesn't really matter what you use as long as it has 90 degrees corner.

Step 4: All Together

Now it's time to glue everything together, into the lamp.

Make sure before this stage that everything is tight, and if you have better tools than I used (although it's possible to use small clamps also here) you are welcome to use.

The main purpose is to glue the 30cm boards to the 28cm boards.

If at the end you have some loosen areas you can also use some nails to get it straight and tight.

Step 5: Some Color

Pick your favorite color and start painting it. I have used a poly-sander.

Make sure that when painting you use 3 layers, 24 hours between each one, and after each one use 00 sand paper to sand it gently. You can sand it again at the end to get smooth touch.

Step 6: Final Step!

Now just put a lighting pole inside, I have used an old IKEA pole which I had and was about to throw away, but now it's given new life :)

Hope you liked this one, let me know if there's any question!

Aviv Mussali.

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    29 Discussions

    this lamp leads to romantic atmosphere :)

    Night instruct! I will use some kind of light reflection material inside and also dig more different shapes (triangle/circle/square) to make it more fantasy.

    Nice idea! I like those light bubbles on the wall which forms from the lamp.

    P.S. In the final step I missed a little bit more instruction ant a few photos how to put a lighting pole inside. Even though this instructable is really cool

    1 reply

    I used the rice paper lamps from IKEA, and just put the wodden part on top of that, it's a pole on a circle base, you can see a picture of it if you scroll down a bit in the comments

    Awesome lamp! It reminds me a lot of the winner of the 2014 Grand Rapids Art Prize.

    The result is really nice.

    Great idea !! i think i know what to do now with my broken bookshelf ..

    Definitely asking the hubster to try & put this together with some traditional Indonesian designs, seeing as he's Javanese. I'd do it myself but I'm not much into woodworking.

    Very nice use of materials!

    You brought me into an idea. Maybe i will make a similar one!

    I love this. It's beautiful.