Wooden "Jean" Stool With Rotatable Top

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Always wanted to make your own stool with demountable parts (no glue)? With this design, you can do it. The construction was inspired by an open source platform called Twistab. I redesigned the shape to my personal "modern" preference. So let's start to make this modern chair:

Software needed

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  1. Rhino or Solidworks

Tools needed

  1. CNC Mill machine
  2. Sand paper
  3. Hammer and Chisel

Amount of time needed

This depends on your 3D modelling skill, woodworking and CNC milling. For me, it took 1~2 days, including redesigning, 3D modelling, cnc milling and woodworking.

Dimensions and materials

  1. The height is around 46 cm and the diameter of the top is around 28 cm
  2. I used Plexwood, but you can also use Oak wood if you want to

Step 1: Step 1: Customize Your Design

Customize your design

It's up to you how to customize your design. I always start with a quick ideation sketch, so I can image what design I want to produce.

When you're done with your re-design, please download the Illustrator file to adjust the current stool into your design. And don't forget to add "bridges". This will help to keep your design steady while milling.

Tip: keep the construction the same, otherwise your have to re-measure every construction detail.

After finishing your Illustrator file, please save as .DWG file and upload this to Rhino. Depending on the milling machine, Rhino files are suitable to read to mill. Please see step 3 as reference how you need to prepare your lines in Rhino.

Not interested for redesigning
If you like my design (yes!), then you can skip this step and go straight to step 2

Step 2: Step 2: CNC Milling


If you use your own CNC milling machine, then you probably know how to produce this design. If not, please go to the nearest Fablab and they will help you to produce your design.

In the attachment, I added a Rhino and Solidwork file, so you can send this to the Fablab or CNC machine operator.

Step 3: Step 3: Finishing

Hammer and Chisel
These tools will help to cut the "bridges" of the model.


Use sandpaper to make a more smoother surface. Begin with rough sandpaper (p60) and then more smooth sandpaper (180). You can do this by hand or by sanding machine.

Place the foot parts together



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    15 days ago

    Wow, your work is amazing dude! Keep that flow!

    kevinshekPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 15 days ago

    Hey Penolopy! Thank you! The rotatable stool was inspired by barber stools (: