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Hello everyone, in this project I wanna show you how to make Wooden Tattoo Machine Box. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it. This is very easy project and very good for gift.

So, let's get started :)


- Piece of wood
- Small hinges
- Small clasp for closure box
- Wood filler
- Screws
- Wood varnish


- Compact router or CNC
- Table saw
- Sandpaper
- Brush

Step 1: Watch the Video

Video will give you a good overview on how to create such a Wooden Tattoo Machine Box. But the following steps will still contain some extra useful information.

Step 2: Prepare Wood

First you have to prepare good piece of wood. I used beech because is hard and look nice. I prepared 2 blocks about 20x20x2cm Remember Wood have to be completely dry!

Step 3: Milling

I milled box shape with pockets for tattoo machine (Hummingbird Rotary Tattoo Machine). I used CNC router but optional you can use compact router. How you can see pockets are in bottom and top block. Pocket bottom block is deepest. I made that becouse when tattoo machine is under wood block surface look better and is easier to take out.

Step 4: Sanding

After milling wood doesn't look perfect. To improve all surfaces use sand papper. To remove "bridges" after milling you can use belt sander or chisel. To flat surfaces I used small wood block with sandpaper. Thanks to this, flat surface look nice and still are flat.

Step 5: Fill Engrave

On the top of box I made engrave special for my friend, but engrave is almost invisible. So, take wood filler and fill all engrave. Remember always better is aplication few thin layers than one thick !! I filled 2 layers. When first layer is dry, sand filler and again aplication filler if on surface are any holes.

Step 6: Painting

To paint box I used clear wood varnish. After painting, I cut a "pocket" shape from something like soft foam.

Step 7: Almost Finished

To box walls I screwed small hinges and clasp for closure box. To make holes for screws I used small 1mm drill bit. To bottom of box I glued pieces of soft material to make " box legs". That can protect from scratches.

Step 8: Finish

Your Wooden Tattoo Machine Box is completely finished :)

You did it!

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If you have any questions leave a comment below :)

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8 Discussions


2 years ago

what kind of varnish dud you use? it almost looks like gel

1 reply

2 years ago

I really like this Instructables but I have to ask what are painless tattoos cx

1 reply
Thomas WorkshopPiercethekc

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks:) Painless Tattoo is my friend's "nick" or "art name" something like that.


2 years ago

Love the box! After I saw your Ford emblem plaque video I tried some white wood filler in some walnut initial keychains as Christmas gifts. I think it worked out pretty well, thanks for sharing that info.

1 reply