Wooden Thompson WWII

Introduction: Wooden Thompson WWII



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    Thanks for the comments. I ended up using this with my WWII Ultimate Captain America costume I made. About the metalic look, after spraying the black on, I proceeded to "dry brush" the black with a dry paper towel and silver car paint touch up. I put a very small amount on the paper and rub into a piece of cardboard first to get the stain effect and then move on to the Thompson parts. You have to play with it and rub off any excess quickly. Remember, less is best. It is easier to add than subtract. You can always go back with black (just spray some black on paper towel and follow same technique). Hope I explained well enough, good luck.

    Nice one! Here is mine. Made 2008 but never posted :-). I like the metal look of yours, how did you do it?


    I joined Instructables after the build and haven't gotten to describing the build. Other builds have come and it is still on the back burner. Will definately try to get to it soon if you really want to read it. So many more detailed builds with better tools out there, mine is pretty much all hands on. But thanks for the question/or statement.

    If this is made of wood instead of painting the it you should of just stained it, just an idea. Awesome work though.