Wooden Toy Airplane

Introduction: Wooden Toy Airplane

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This week we are laser cutting and engraving an awesome wooden toy airplane on our Speedy 300 laser machine! We use 1/8" MDF wood.

We made this plane in our TroSpace Makerspace in our facility in Calgary, AB. The space is open for educators and those in the Makerspace and Fablab movements.

Step 1: Download Artwork File

You can download the artwork file as an CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator file. The red hairline outline (0.001") represents the the cut line and should be RBG Red, and the fill RBG Black and Turquoise are the different engraving levels.

Step 2: Laser Cut and Engrave

We used the Speedy 300 flexx laser machine (60w) to cut and engrave the 1/8" MDF wood.

Engraving setting: 85 Power, 85 Speed
Cutting setting: 85 Power, 0.9 Speed

Step 3: Assembly

There aren't a lot of parts so assembly is minimal. You would need crazy glue to glue together all the parts and hinges.

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4 years ago

hi this is cool I tried making it for my son as b day present but I failed, I'm wondering if you would sell it to me

Trotec Laser Canada
Trotec Laser Canada

Reply 4 years ago

Sorry unfortunately we only sell the laser machines :(. Where did you run into trouble? Were you using a Trotec laser?