Wooden Toy Car



For the base of this instructable I glued 2 pieces of scrap wood together. While the glue was drying I googled a few cars and decided on the Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard. I printed out a few pictures that gave me the rough idea whilst sanding down the shape. I used a disc sander for the rough shape and a chisel for the details. Afterwards I hand sanded the car with grid 220. When that was done I gave the car a quick whipedown with a wood oil. Just to bring those grains out a bit. For the wheels I used 4 plastic caps I had. I cannot remember where I got them but you can use almost anything here. My original plan was to make a few wooden wheels but since I had this I went with it.

Step 1: Optional: Paint

After some play-testing and the thumbs up from my son I took a bit of masking tape and some black spraypaint to ad some details.



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